Alexander Remezov

Artist Alexander Remezov

About the artist
Painter. Teacher. Member Of The Union Of Artists Of Russia.

In 1995 he graduated from the Yekaterinburg Art College named after Shadr, painting and teaching Department. For further training, he moved to St. Petersburg and in 1996 entered the Academy of Arts, the faculty of painting. In 2003 Alexander defended his painting "At the old gate". The thesis was exhibited in the Manege in St. Petersburg.

In 2003 Alexander returned to Yekaterinburg, successfully worked in the field of monumental painting. Professionalism and experience gained during the study helped to achieve high results. At the moment, paintings are made in several important objects for Yekaterinburg, such as the "House of merchant Sevastyanov", reconstructed for the SCO and BRIC summit in 2009 by the government of the Russian Federation, the restaurant "Rus Velikaya". Two dioramas were created in the Museum in the "Military Glory of the Urals" under the title "They fought for the Motherland" dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and Afghanistan.