Alexey Rychkov

Artist Alexey Rychkov

Saint Petersburg
About the artist
Alexey Rychkov graduated from the Academy of Painting and Design named after Mukhina (1993).

1995 - the beginning of cooperation with art galleries in Prague, Warsaw, Helsinki. Alexey was invited to work in Paris, where in five years he painted more than 100 works sold at auctions and exhibitions of Russian art in Paris. Paintings from this period were used in the design of the Grand Hotel Westminster (Paris).
2001-2005 - an order from the Mining Institute of St. Petersburg for the reconstruction of the lost portrait gallery of emperors and pundits of Russia.
2002 - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs acquires the painting "City of Peter" to present it at the UN Palace to Koffi Anan.
2003 - participation in the Grand Plein Air of the Russian Museum "300th Anniversary of the Summer Garden”, Audience Award, and Grand Prix of the Festival.
2004 - Creation of a series of canvases dedicated to Russian ballet. Some of the paintings were presented at the exhibition “Ballet. Ballet? Ballet! " in the gallery "PAR" (Zurich, Switzerland).
2009 - participation in the exhibition "CHANNEL VIEWS" in the "Montmartre" gallery.
2010-2012 - participation in the Baltic Sea Festival at Lenexpo. Personal exhibition at the Angleterre Hotel (St. Petersburg).
2007-2012 Within the framework of the project of Viktor Shirokikh “Cathedrals of the World”, more than 200 paintings were made. The collection of paintings is presented in the gallery of Russian art "Universe Impression" (China, Nanjing).
2014 - participation in the Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-2014".
2015 - winner of the Art Festival in the Konstantinovsky Palace, nomination "Artist of the year in the Congress Palace".
2017 - permanent exhibition of the collection "The City of Peter the First" in the restaurant of the same name.