Oil, Canvas
About the artist
Hereditary Armenian artist. He was born in Kirovakan (present-day Vanadzor) in 1989. After graduating from high school in 2006, he became engaged in drawing and entered the Vanadzor state pedagogical Institute at the faculty of painting and graphics, which he graduated in 2010.Since 2006 he has participated in city and pan-Armenian exhibitions.Exhibitions: 2006-Personal exhibition in Vanadzor.2009-Vanadzor Art gallery. Joint exhibition with grandfather and father "3 Ages". The Mher was then 20 years old, father is 50, my grandfather of 80 years.2012-Personal exhibition in Vanadzor art gallery.2013-Personal exhibition in "Nerkay" salon in Yerevan.2012-Participant of the all-Armenian exhibition of graphics in the "house of artists" in Erevan2013-Participant of the all-Armenian exhibition "landscape", Yerevan "house of artists" - 4th Prize, Italy, April 2015. 2014-Participant of the exhibition in Boynich (Slovakia).2016-Solo exhibition in Den Helder (Holland) 2017-Solo exhibition in Moscow, gallery Alpert 2017-Solo exhibition in Riga, gallery cat in a bag
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