Oil, Canvas
Fine and Contemporary Art
About the artist
Egorova Nadezhda was born in 1983 in the city Kamyshin, Volgograd region. In 2009-graduated from the Academy of Arts (Institute. I. E. Repina), faculty of painting, since 2010 – member of the Union
Artists Of St. Petersburg. Nadia Egorova's paintings are light and sometimes ironic, fraught with a deep meaning that becomes clear to the viewer, once he looks more closely. These are pictures about what is close to every person: love, loneliness, friendship, sadness and dreams of beauty. The paintings are not loaded with unnecessary details, they are very concise in their execution. The artist, as it were, "gets rid" of everything superfluous, leaving only the most important thing-the idea, the person and his feelings. Nadia Egorova's work will be especially close to people who think and feel deeply, those who like to look inside themselves and find answers there.
Chosen exhibitions:
2004 - "Exhibition best drawing." Academy of arts. Saint-Petersburg;
2008 - "Exhibition of theatrical sketches". Theatrical the festival is the"Face". Pushkin Mountains;
2008 - "Samples". The Alexandrinsky theatre. Saint-Petersburg;
2008 - Christmas art fair. The Tretyakov Gallery. Youth house
"Record." Saint-Petersburg;
2009 - international salon of painting 2009. CHA. Moscow;
2009 - "Two in the city". House of youth "Record".
2009 - "St. Petersburg seasons". International Foundation for Slavic
writing and culture. Moscow;
2009 - "Exhibition of diploma works". Museum Of The Academy Of Arts;
2009 - international competition "RUSSIAN ART WEEK". Petersburg Union artists';
2009 - "AUTUMN 2009". St. Petersburg Union of artists;
2010 - "Nadezhda-8" exhibition young artists of St. Petersburg. artists union.
2010 - " Young artists of Russia» Central House Of Artists, Moscow.
2010- "Spring 2010"-the annual exhibition in the Union of Artists. Saint-Petersburg.
2010-Publication in the journal "Russian gallery XXI century.
2011 - "Autumn 2011" - Union Artists'. Saint-Petersburg.
2014 - "Antique Bazaar". Saint-Petersburg.
2015 - "Art Trend". Mansion Baron Stieglitz. Saint-Petersburg.
2015 - "Art Bazaar". Exhibitional Lenexpo complex. Saint-Petersburg.
2017 - " Muse must work» Creative cluster, the cluster's premises. Saint-Petersburg.
2018 - " Muse must work»
Creative cluster, the cluster's premises. Saint-Petersburg.
2019-exhibition-competition "Natural
class " Museum and exhibition center St. Petersburg artist.
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