About the author
1980 – born in the mountains. Moscow.
2002 – graduate of Moscow pedagogical University named after Krupskaya.
2003 – member of the Union of artists of Russia.  

In the painting of Vladimir Kirillov, certainly, the academic school is felt. But despite this, the academic dryness and static are not peculiar to the author. Atmosphere of pure emotion, melancholy and inner light of the work are the princes of Vladimir Kirillov's creativity.
 The main genres of Vladimir's work are landscape and a portrait.
"My sorrow is bright." In landscapes you will not find a single living soul, but there is no feeling of deep / cruel lonelinesses. In the absence of "residents" we - the audience immersed in the author's world.
A stormy spring wind or a July sun unfolds under the gaze of the beholder, exist only because of this view. Kirillov's portraits are in a circle familiar. The heroes of his work are characters from our reality. The archetype of the Russian fairy tales - and the hero, and the girl rosy-cheeked and the priest collecting alms. The pictures look about this fairy tale. The picturesque world enters the space of reality. Vladimir
Kirillov, as an artist on the verge of social and fabulous.
    Personal and group exhibitions of the artist: 2010 Exhibition "The Way home" in the gallery "Nagornaya" 2011 Exhibition "Paints of time" Exhibition hall of the Moscow Fund of culture Moscow 2016 Exhibition "My love - my Russia" in the gallery of contemporary art ART.SEVERINA. 1996-1997 - Russian exhibition of children's drawing " Smoking tobacco-NO!"1997 - exhibition" 300 years of Peter the Great's visit to Holland". The exhibition is organized by the Moscow cultural Foundation and The Embassy of the Netherlands 1997-exhibition "850 years of Moscow". Pavilion "Culture" VVC 1999. Exhibition in honor of the 200th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin in the pavilion "Culture" of the all-Russian exhibition Center 2006. "contemporary art of Russia" exhibition halls gallery "Tushino" Moscow 2007. "Contemporary art of Russia" in GVZ "Vykhino" Moscow 2008. "Christmas exhibition" publishing house "Our Izograf" in GVZ "Kashirke" Moscow 2009. "gallery Izograf" dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the publishing house "Our Izograf" in GVZ "Gallery Belyaevo" Moscow 2009. Exhibition of creative youth "Charmed by beauty" in the gallery "Nagornaya" Moscow 2009. exhibition "portrait of the XXI century" mo Elekrougli, Kolomna, Ivanovo 2009. Exhibition "Vernissage" in The Office of the President of the Russian Federation and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation 2010. Charity auction in favor of the restoration of Sunday school in the village of Mikhei Ryazan region farmstead of the Moscow Danilov monastery; international Fund of Slavic writing and culture in Moscow. 2010. Exhibition of nominees of the Creative Union of artists of Russia in the state exhibition hall "Gallery Belyaevo" Moscow 2010. Exhibition "Russian art: revival" in the tower "Federation" Moscow 2010. Exhibition project "Debut" in the framework of the Moscow International Art Salon CHA 2010. The exhibition "Predelete" Exhibition hall of the library of arts. A. p. Bogolyubova Moscow 2010 Exhibition "Moscow-the city of artists" exhibition hall “Vykhino "Moscow 2010 Exhibition "Pervozimye" Fireplace hall of the Library of arts. A. P. Bogolyubov, Moscow 2010-2011. The exhibition project "Pervezimai” in the reading room of CHUB them. M. Svetlova Moscow 2010-2011 Exhibition to the 150th anniversary of the birth of I. I. Levitan "Traditions of the Russian landscape" in the Central house of artists Moscow 2011 Exhibition "Movement of light" in the reading room of the TSGYUB. M. Svetlova Moscow 2011. Group exhibition "Seen" in the Central house of artists. Moscow 2011. Collective exhibition "Colors of time" Exhibition hall of the Moscow Fund of culture Moscow 2011-2012. " Christmas exhibition "publishing house" Our Izograf "in GVZ" On Kashirke "Moscow 2012. ART SPRING in the gallery "Our Izograf".CHA. Moscow 2012. "Poetic Moscow". Exhibition business center "Country Park". 2013 XVI Moscow international art salon " CHA-2013. Process "2013 ART SPRING in the gallery" Our ISOGRAPHER in the halls of the CHA. Moscow Exhibition hall of the Moscow Fund of culture Moscow 2013-2014." in the New year." Exhibition of Moscow artists and sculptors (gallery "New Era") Moscow. CHA 2014 Moscow international art salon " CHA-2014. "Connection of times" 2014 Moscow international art salon " CHA-2014. "Art spring" 2014. Exhibition "Generation" in the gallery "Nagornaya" Moscow 2015. Moscow international art salon " CHA. "Collection of the patron" 2015. "Picturesque review of the Association of artists "Izograf" " in the halls of the Central house of artists. Moscow 2015 "ArtNow". Exhibition of paintings by Moscow artists. Moscow. Central House Of Artists PARTICIPANT in the CATALOGUES "Names in the art of Russia" (ed. "Our isographer") 2007. "Contemporary art of Russia" (TSHR)2006 “ "Contemporary art of Russia" (TSHR)2007. " 1000 artists of Russia "(ed. "White city")" Art today "(TSHR) 2009 1st 2nd issues of the catalog "Russian Art”(Moscow Media Group) 2009. "Debut" young masters of modern art (Art-Ekle) 2011. "Traditions of the Russian landscape" the catalog is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Levitan (ed. "Our isographer“) 2011." Traditions of Russian painting " catalog dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth Of ka. Korovin (ed. "Our isographer") 2012. AWARDS awarded the medal" Young participant of the VVC "Resolution No. 3 (item 6) bronze and silver medal TSHR Awarded a diploma for participation in the exhibition-action "Earth-our common home", dedicated to solidarity with children of Yugoslavia certificate of Thanks for active participation in the competition-festival "Sweet tale-98" from the President of the Moscow confectionery factory "Red October" A. N. Daursky 1999. Pushkin from the mayor's Office and the Government of Moscow, the magazine " My Moscow".
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