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Alla Lipatova was born in the Urals. In 1984 she graduated from Ryazan art school. She worked as a graphic designer, a teacher in the art Studio, as an artist took part in archaeological expeditions in the Caucasus and Khakassia. For a long time she was engaged in the restoration of icons and tempera painting. Alla Alexandrovna remarkably combined in her work reality and fantasy, violent colors of the South with restrained tones of the North. He is a master endowed with a rare ability to see the incredible in the ordinary. Based on the experience of her travels in Armenia, Khakassia, Adygea and archaeological research of ancient cultures, she created her own unique pictorial dictionary. Her dynamic drawings and exquisite paintings have the power of the traditional world. Her works are deeply symbolic in meaning, and the clear graphics of the drawing are combined with the play of color. Since 1989 Alla Lipatova lives and works in St. Petersburg. Many of the artist's works are kept in numerous private collections in Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Canada. SOLO EXHIBITIONS1992 gallery "Nevsky 20", St. Peterburg1999 "Luke & A Gallery", London2000 "Women and Cats", "Luke & A Gallery", London 2010 "Subtle vibration of animated things", cafe "stray dog", St. Peterburg2011 "game of classics", Derzhavin Museum, St. Peterburggroup EXPOSITION1992 Apartment exhibition. Neb. Fontanki, 52, St. Petersburg 1993 Nevsky 20 Gallery, St. Petersburg 1995 Nevsky 20 Gallery, St. Petersburg 1996 Eva gallery, St. Petersburg 1997 Petrovsky Ravelin gallery, St. Petersburg 1997 St. Petersburg 97 1998 St. Petersburg 98 1999 Art of St. Petersburg, S. P. A. S. gallery, St. Petersburg 1999 Russian Winter 99, Leipzig, Germany 2000 Luke & A Gallery, London 2001 art of St. Petersburg, "Luke & a gallery", london2003 gallery "Nevsky 20", St. Petersburg2005 apartment exhibition in memory of Vadim Voronin 2010 Turin, italy2011 "art-Manege", gallery "rostra», Manege, Moscow.2011 "Christmas fair", Central house of artists on Krymsky Val, Moscow
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