About RakovGallery
RakovGallery is a network of art galleries, set by brothers Alexey and Igor Rakov in 2011. The first gallery was opened in Ekaterinburg to fulfil the Urals masters` artistic ambitions. Now RakovGallery works in Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Perm. The gallery specializes on art of modern Russian artists. The collection includes works by Vladimir Kirillov, Olga Suvorova, Anna Berezovskaya, Evgeny Guselnikov, Ilya Khokhrin, Alexander Saidov and other artists. The ambitions of RakovGallery lie beyond Russia and CIS. Paintings made by our artists are in high demand in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. The main goal of RakovGallery is to help contemporary artists to assert themselves on the art market.
Art surprises, inspires, expands the perception of the world. We create the perfect surrounding for cooperation and communication through art. RakovGallery is a platform for the implementation of personal and public goals.
Rakov Brothers
  • Professionalism
    Our employees are professional art critics, curators and experts
    You can be sure of the authenticity of our artworks
  • Individual approach
    We treat each client attentively
    We focus on your preferences
  • Unique experience
    RakovGallery was founded 10 years ago
    Thousands of paintings were sold during this period