It is all about us and art
About the gallery
RakovGallery is a project that exists in the format network picture galleries. The project was created for the promotion and sale of art by contemporary artists brothers Cancer - Igor and Alex, in 2011. The first gallery was opened in Yekaterinburg as a space for realization of creative ideas, in collaboration with the leading artists of the Urals. Today there are branches in St.-Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, and also plans to open art galleries in Moscow and Perm. Key tasks RakovGallery – to enable artists to realize on the art market and become a leader in the online space of the art business.
Art surprises, inspire and expands the perception of the World. Through art, we create the perfect surrounding for cooperation and communication. Rakov Gallery is a platform for the implementation of personal and public goals.
Rakov Brothers
  • Professionalism
    Our employees are specialists of the art market
    Original artwork
  • Individual approach
    Attentive attitude to each client
    Orient in their work on your preferences
  • A unique experience
    10 years in sphere of art business
    Career as a professional