About RakovGallery

RakovGallery is a network of art galleries, set by brothers Alexey and Igor Rakov in 2011. The first gallery was opened in Ekaterinburg to fulfil the Urals masters` artistic ambitions. Now RakovGallery works in Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Perm. The gallery specializes on art of modern Russian artists. The collection includes works by Vladimir Kirillov, Olga Suvorova, Anna Berezovskaya, Evgeny Guselnikov, Ilya Khokhrin, Alexander Saidov and other artists. The ambitions of RakovGallery lie beyond Russia and CIS. Paintings made by our artists are in high demand in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. The main goal of RakovGallery is to help contemporary artists to assert themselves on the art market.

Our team
  • Igor Rakov
    Co-founder and mastermind of RakovGallery. Works in the gallery business more than 10 years. Creates and develops the company's online projects. The head of the gallery in St. Petersburg.
  • Alexey Rakov
    Co-founder of the gallery, art dealer. Experience in the art market: over 10 years. Specialist in the collectible works of art, both modern and antique. Organized over 20 exhibitions of contemporary art. The head of the gallery in Yekaterinburg.
  • Vsevolod Danilokh
    Director at RakovGallery St. Petersburg. Content editor of RakovGallery online projects. Head of the international relations of the company.
  • Maria Gordusenko
    PhD in Art History, Art Director at RakovGallery. In 2012 got the master's degree at the University of Groningen. Had an internship in the leading European museums: Bonnefanten Museum, Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, Bode Museum and Getty Museum in Los Angeles. From 2014 to 2020 studied in the PhD History of Art program at the University of Edinburgh. Teaches at the Ural Federal University, has also curated a number of exhibitions of Russian artists in the galleries of Yekaterinburg and collaborated with the Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.
  • Vitaly Gritsenko
    Executive director of the gallery in Yekaterinburg. Has been working in the gallery business for 15 years. Engaged in the development of the regional direction of the company. Organized over 100 exhibitions in Russia. Has an art education and is working on his own creative project.
  • Ekaterina Kozlova
    Art historian, curator of the exhibition projects. Art manager at RakovGallery in St. Petersburg.
  • Professionalism
    Our employees are professional art critics, curators and experts
    You can be sure of the authenticity of our artworks
  • Individual approach
    We treat each client attentively
    We focus on your preferences
  • Unique experience
    Founded 11 years ago
    Thousands of paintings were sold during this period