Alexander Astankov
Alexander Astankov

About an Artist

Artist Ekaterinburg-Prague-Amsterdam " I saw the artist's Works in Moscow in 1997 and found myself in captivity of his original art. Creativity of Alexander admires magnificence and boldness of color, compositional imagination and artistry. His works are drawn from a carnival of colors, sensual strokes and lines, and his characters are imbued with courage and buffoonery. The artist has a recognizable, free manner, he creates in different styles and techniques. This is a modern type of artist: mobile, cosmopolitan not tied to one place and time. The more closely you look into the author's created world, the more you feel yourself an accomplice of this action, magic.  He lifts no one up to heaven, he puts no one down to earth. Everything he does is palpably located in the air of fantasy. He paints fairy tales-earthly and heavenly. His paintings soar in the clouds and fly to countries.  His heroes adore the seventh heaven and all the time do not mind kisses, even air."Vaclav Holik.
Works of the author are in private collections in Russia, Europe and Australia.
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