Alexander Boyadzhan
Alexander Boyadzhan

About an Artist

Boyadzhan Alexander Borisovich was born in 1958 in Sukhumi (Abkhazia). Painter, graphic artist. He graduated from Tbilisi art school (1980, theatre and decoration Department.) In 1982-1984 he studied at the theatre workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts at E. Kochergin (Leningrad). In 1970-80-ies he worked as a decorator at the Theatre of musical Comedy (Tbilisi) and Sukhumi youth Theatre, at the Studio "Georgia-film". In 1982 he started the exhibition activity of the artist. A member of the artists Union of the USSR from 1988, IFA since 1995. 1990. he has lived in Leningrad-St. Petersburg. Main collections: State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Moscow Museum of modern art (MMSI), collection of contemporary art of Manezh (St. Petersburg), State museums of Tbilisi and Sukhumi.
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