Alexander Boyadzhan

Artist Alexander Boyadzhan

Saint Petersburg
About the artist
Boyadzhan Alexander Borisovich was born in 1958 in Sukhumi (Abkhazia). Painter, graphic artist.
He graduated from Tbilisi art school (1980, theatre and decoration Department).
In 1982-1984 he studied at the theatre workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts at E. Kochergin (Leningrad).
In 1970-80-ies he worked as a decorator at the Theatre of Musical Comedy (Tbilisi) and Sukhumi youth Theatre, at the Studio "Georgia-film".
In 1982 he started the exhibition activity of the artist.
A member of the Artists Union of the USSR from 1988, IFA since 1995. 1990. he has lived in Leningrad-St. Petersburg.

Main collections: State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Moscow Museum of modern art (MMSI), collection of contemporary art of Manezh (St. Petersburg), State museums of Tbilisi, and Sukhumi.

Art critic's comment

Paintings made by Alexander Boyadzhan is a picturesque improvisation, where people meet the specific view of the world, so pure and naive. The artist invites the viewer into his own artistic reality, where various dimensions overlap.

Color for Boyadzhan is the opportunity to convey nobility and jewel to the modest plot. A defining characteristic of Alexander Boyadzhan`s painting is the expressiveness. It can be felt in the composition, which the artist often uses. Compositional decisions are simple but filled with rational rhythmical details. Forms are made with sculptural and expressive brushstrokes. Several general colors create the special mood of the paintings. The active color role, which is responsible for the emotional part of the canvases, reminds of fauvism. The brightness of the sunny south, the beauty of the surrounding nature and sparkling sea, the whiteness of facades, and the bending streets formed a special artistic view of Alexander. In his paintings, real life is inseparable from fantasy. 

St Petersburg, where Alexander Boyadzan was an external student at the Academy of Arts, became the second motherland for the artist. This city is a place of his artistic formation. Alexander`s painting turned here into analytic, forethought, and intellectual art, but saved its southern brightness.