Dmitry Plotkin

Artist Dmitry Plotkin

About the artist
Born in Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. Studied at the Mosfilm film studio as a decorator, at the Ivanovo Art School at the pedagogical department.

Dmitry joined the Union of Artists in 1989 and dedicated all his work to human beings: their relationship with the world around them, with other people, their memories, dreams... The artist is interested in their inner world, the formation of man as a person. The relationship between man and art seems to Dmitry one of the most important issues in modern culture. Art affects the spiritual world of a person strongly if it meets one of the main criteria of culture - a positive influence on the soul and thoughts. Dmitry considers himself a representative of Russian art, so the recognition of the achievements of our culture around the world seems to him one of the most important tasks.

  • 17 and 18 youth exhibitions - Moscow, 1986-87,
  • "Industry 87" - Moscow, 1987,
  • "Self-portrait" - Moscow, 1989,
  • Republican art exhibition "Youth of Russia" - Moscow, 1989,
  • All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists - Moscow, 1989,
  • "Eidos" - Moscow, 1989,
  • Painting and Graphics of USSR Artists, 60-the 80s - Moscow, 1991,
  • "Labyrinth" - Hamburg, Germany - 1989,
  • "Vasarelli Foundation" - Ax-en-Provence, France -1989,
  • "Madame Bodenschatz" - Zurich, Switzerland - 1990,
  • ART-MIF - Moscow, 1991,
  • "Golden brush - 92 "- Moscow, 1992,
  • " Golden brush - 93 "- Moscow, 1993,
  • Mag Galerie Eberhardt - Pforzheim, Leipzig, Germany, 1994,
  • "Quadro"- Aachen, Germany - 1995
  • "Out of concept"- Moscow, 1995,
  • "Oh, woman"- Moscow, 1997,
  • "Life of matrices"- Moscow, 1999,
  • "Love and hatred of Islam "- presentation-display of paintings on clothes under the ArtDress brand - gallery N, Moscow, 2013,
  • “e” merge Art fire ”- Washington, USA, 2015,
  • “ ZaZhivoe ”- Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow, December 2015,
  • "Awakening of the Tao" - feat Kuzmin-Chugunov, A3 Gallery, February 2016
  • "Windows of the Russian avant-garde" - Moscow, 2017
  • "Flea Art Market Dmitry Plotkin" - Moscow, gallery "Alpert",
  • 2018 "Redhorse of the revolution" - curator and participant feat Alexander Elmar, Olga Kulagina, Igor Soloviev, poet Sergei Nevsky - Moscow, gallery "Kraft" on Shabolovka, 2018,
  • "Exhibition dedicated to the Year of Japan in Russia "- Moscow, ROHINIGALLERY, 2018,
  • Session "About the theater "- a group exhibition in the A3 gallery, Moscow, 2018,
  • Personal exhibition within the framework of the festival "Artist and poet"- Akademgorodok Chernogolovka, 2018,
  • "Bathing of the red horse Petrov-Vodkin" feat gallery "RARITA"- gallery A3, Moscow, 2017.

In 1999 Dmitry began to implement the project "Masterpieces of world art performed by children", which since 2000 has been given the aegis of the Commission on UNESCO in the Russian Federation. Along with painting, the artist is interested in the synthesis of various types of arts, when such different things are subordinated to a single concept of the project: photography, cinema, painting, graphics, installation, etc. In this vein, Dmitry has developed projects:
  • "From civilization to culture, from culture to civilization"
  • "Memories of Birth "
  • "Journey to Bardo"
  • "Birth and Death"
  • "Temple of Death"
  • "Temple of Love"
In 1999 Dmitry completed projects:
  • "Travel to Bardo"- painting, graphics, installation, performance;
  • "Memories of Birth"- cinema, poetry, performance;
  • "Life of Matrices" - Painting, cinema, performance, installation.