Tuman Zhumabaev

The Artist Tuman Zhumabaev

Saint Petersburg
About the artist
Tuman Zhumabaev (1962 - 2020).
Famous Russian artist, painter. Was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1962. In 1981 he entered the Leningrad University of Arts named after V. A. Serov (now named after N. H. Rerikh). In 1991 he finished Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts named after I. E. Repin, where he studied in a workshop of professor Y. M. Neprintsev. 

Tuman is a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists since 2002. He is also a member of the American Union of portraitists since 2006. 

Art critic's comment

Despite understandable plots, the author cannot be ranked only in one direction. His painting is free, the only constant is his attitude. Therefore, the moment of inspiration is so important in which the artist transmits the elusive spark of life to the canvas. It was as if sunlight burst into each of the still lifes of Tuman Zhumabaev.

“The main thing, before painting, is that you need to acquire such a state of joy. I like it when they invest their emotion, because when there is some reasoning, a mental approach, then the painting immediately turns into a heavier format, and when you rely on emotions, then more joy pours out", - says the artist Tuman Zhumabaev.

The artist learned the plastic language from famous masters: professor O.A. Eremeev and V.L. Borovik - and absorbed the best traditions of academic painting. The author creates his masterpieces in the environment where they are exhibited. And in all parts of the world where he paints, his favorite scenes with the sea, flowers, and sun sound differently, from different states. Therefore, the artist travels a lot, trying to replenish his artistic arsenal with new impressions and sensations.

Tuman claims: “I do not deny that the Impressionists left a certain mark in my work. Nevertheless, I do not consider myself an impressionist and would not want others to think so. Because for me it is important to express my attitude to the environment and convey my personal emotions associated with this, which arise spontaneously. I really want to convey joy, because that is what I feel when I write."