Vladimir Tyutyuev
Vladimir Tyutyuev

About an Artist

Painter, member of the Union of artists since 2010.In 1976 he graduated from the 2-year course of Correspondence People's University. Krupskoy (Moscow). From 1978 to 1981 he studied at the Sverdlovsk art school. Shadra. In the painting of the master, two key themes can be distinguished. As a Ural artist, the author devotes most of his work to the nature and life of the Urals. Tibetan series of works, where "Roerich" mountains with snow-capped peaks, blue lakes, imperturbable yaks, monks in saffron-Burgundy robes, Buddhist stupas and other recognizable views of the once "forbidden Kingdom". The artist is a regular participant of city, regional and international exhibitions and art projects. His works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.
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