Breath of the Wind: Plein Air Watercolours by Olga Peshkova


On 10th April, RakovGallery presents personal exhibition of the watercolour artist from Perm Olga Peshkova.

Olga Peshkova mostly works en plein air. The term "plein air" (en plein air) translated from French means 'in the open air.' The use of this technique allows Olga Peshkova to convey all the variety of colours and tones depending on sunlight and flow of air.

Olga Peshkova works in the genres of landscape and animalism. The artist refers to her style as 'objective realism.' Her watercolours indeed depict objects realistically and expressively at the same time, delivering the artist's colourful emotions. Olga Peshkova's main goal is to notice the character or emotion and convey it in colour. This approach unites her 'portraits' of Large Machines (Ural and ZiL), images of animals and colourful still-lifes. According to the artist, for many years, the plein air has been her goal and an important part of creative process. “I just like to catch the wind in the field with tractors and a sketchbook, and I prefer watercolour to all painting techniques. I'd love watercolour to flow like a river, to be fast and lively! " - says Olga.

In the process of work, the artist is mainly interested in choosing the subject, she looks for interesting objects and enjoys working en plein air.

To purchase the artist's works, please contact the gallery staff.

The exhibition is open from 10 April to 10 May 2021, at the RakovGalley. Address: Ekaterinburg, 4D Gorkogo str. Phone: +7 (343) 207-49-90.

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