The Elegy of Colour: Personal Exhibition of Stanislav Krupp


On 6 May, a personal exhibition of the artist Stanislav Krupp opens at the RakovGallery in Ekaterinburg

<p>The artworks displayed at the exhibition belong to different periods of the artist's work. However, all these pieces are united with the common topic, namely, female images in all their grace and beauty. Women play the key role in the paintings of Stanislav Krupp, the artist endows them with magical beauty and grace. They often appear as the personification of natural forces or the incarnation of characters from fairy tales and legends. Despite this, the author does not create generalised images; women in his paintings always have individuality and character. The metaphorical nature of the subjects, the spirituality of characters, and the predominance of fantastic motifs over realism make Stanislav Krupp's art closely related to symbolism. When looking at the paintings of Stanislav Krupp, it is difficult to believe that the artist comes from a small town Kamensk-Uralsky in the South of the Urals in Russia. The personages, subjects and stories behind his paintings would rather suggest that it is an artist of European background. Essentially, this Russian artist has a solid knowledge of different periods in art history and is greatly inspired by European art and culture. Similar to the representatives of the style Art Nouveau, Stanislav Krupp is inspired by natural forms, plants and flowers. In addition, a number of artist's paintings are distinguished by vivid and bright colours. Stanislav Krupp's deep interest in European art, culture and history is clearly visible in many of the author's paintings. Perhaps that is why European viewers highly appreciate the artist's work and treat him with great interest. Paintings by Stanislav Krupp are in demand not only by Russian art connoisseurs, they are valued by collectors from Europe, Israel, Great Britain and the USA.</p>

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