"Heavenly Chancellery": Paintings of Alexander Oligerov


From 16th May, RakovGallery presents personal exhibition of the painter Alexander Oligerov.

The Celestial Chancellery is one of the artist's most successful projects, both artistically and commercially. The exhibition consists of more than 40 paintings, most of which are dedicated to a touching and fragile personage - a bird. For the artist, a bird is the symbol of a pure soul. The paintings presented at the exhibition reflect a short period of the artist's work, which took no longer than two years. The artist works in oil, he also applies acrylic paint, and sometimes works in mixed technique, using a palette knife and flat brush.

Alexander Oligerov's artworks are full of both figurative and abstract motives. In his work, the artist reserves the freedom to choose from a variety of artistic techniques, correlating them with the images, which come to their imagination in the process of work. The use of bright colours, the author's experiments with combinations of flowing shapes and expressively curved lines define the characteristic style of their works.

The originality of the artist's paintings is determined by the inclusion of text as a graphic element in the composition of artworks. For the author, this is the way to indicate his presence in paintings. By applying unreadable lines of text in his own handwriting, the artist, in fact, includes self-portraits in their pieces. According to the painter, this is practically the only way to leave their personal imprint in artworks, since often the artist serves only as a conductor of all various artistic images into the real world.

To purchase the artist's works, please contact the gallery staff.

The exhibition is open from 16 May to 30 June 2021, at the RakovGalley. Address: Ekaterinburg, 4D Gorkogo str. Phone: +7 (343) 207-49-90.

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