Sergei Airo: Journey through the Fairy-Tale Worlds


On 10th April, for the first time in Ekaterinburg RakovGallery presents personal exhibition of Sergei Airo.

The paintings are dedicated to mysterious celestial beings, the images are surrounded with mystical light. Although it is not easy to define the genre of these works, the images of mythical animals and fantastic silhouettes of flying models in beautiful outfits are meant to impress viewers. Adults love fairy tales no less than children, and it is no coincidence that Sergei Airo's works are filled with fantasy and the atmosphere of miracles. The author invites viewers to take a journey through these magical worlds. In his paintings, Airo combines the past and the future, and invites viewers to perceive this combination in the present. Each work is accompanied by a story, which the author is willing to tell.

In his works, Sergei Airo creates and applies his own techniques of painting. For instance, he uses the effect of artificially aged painting surface. According to the artist, the idea of aging paintings is rooted in family history.

Sergei Airo is in constant creative search, he produces paintings, interior decoration objects and installations.

To purchase the artist's works, please contact the gallery staff.

The exhibition is open from 7 March to 6 April 2021, at the RakovGalley. Address: Ekaterinburg, 4D Gorkogo str. Phone: +7 (343) 207-49-90.

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