LESSONS OF THE UNFORGOTTEN PAST: personal exhibition of Alexander Grekov


On March 7th, for the first time in Ekaterinburg RakovGallery presents personal exhibition of the artist Alexander Grekov.

The exhibition features about 60 paintings. In his work, the artist follows the traditions of the Russian realistic school. The paintings of Alexander Grekov impress viewers with their high level of mastery of the oil painting technique. However, the artist's works differ significantly from the pieces of the classics of Russian art, because Alexander Grekov uses non-standard compositional approaches and selects unusual subjects for artworks. This allows the artist to reveal their conceptual ideas about the course of the historical process and the fate of their native country.

Not only the pieces of Alexander Grekov are notable due to the large formats, but they are also peculiar stylistically. Grekov's artistic manner is recognisable, and the subjects of the artist's works encourage viewers to think about pressing life issues. Comprehending the historical realities of the past, the artist expresses his opinion about the present and shares his expectations of the future. "Dead inventory" and ruins in Grekov's paintings are not just silent witnesses of past historical events. Ruined old cars, factories and houses, created by our predecessors, are comparable to the collapsed dreams of Soviet people, who were striving for the "bright future."

Alexander Grekov uses traditional oil painting technique, composition and other media to deliver his ideas to viewers. In his paintings, the artist depicts the world as he sees and comprehends it, and he also demonstrates their attitude to this world.

To purchase the artist's works, please contact the gallery staff.

The exhibition is open from 7 March to 6 April 2021, at the RakovGalley. Address: Ekaterinburg, 4D Gorkogo str. Phone: +7 (343) 207-49-90.

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