Space and silence: personal exhibition of Anastasia Popova


Landscapes of Anastasiya Popova, the artist from Perm, balancing on the verge of Abstract art

Unlike many landscape painters, who follow the traditions of the Russian Realistic landscape, Anastasia Popova has chosen a different artistic path and developed her own manner of depicting nature. Balancing on the verge of abstraction, the artist's paintings are distinguished by their simplicity. Instead of going into the smallest details and painting each leaf, blade of grass or pebble in her landscapes, Anastasia Popova uses large colour spots and wide planes conveying the endless depth of the sky, the smooth surface of water, the vastness of seacoasts or plains.

Built on close colour nuances, the artist's landscapes rather create a mood and form a generalised image of nature than depict specific recognisable places on Earth. This makes us think about the integrity, inclusiveness and unity, which characterise nature on a global scale. It is possible to determine which area is depicted in the painting only by reading the title that the artist has given to their piece. Not only is Anastasiya Popova inspired by the native Ural forests and rivers, but she also admires the Baltic, the Gulf of Finland, the noble coldness of the North Sea, the grandeur and vastness of Scottish nature and its mysterious lakes.
Anastasia Popova subtly feels the state of nature. Her artworks are filled with softness and tranquillity and would create a harmonious atmosphere in any space. The artist notes that the main theme of their paintings has always been the search for harmony through the perfection and beauty of nature. In her paintings, Anastasia Popova applies subtle colour nuances and gentle shades. Smooth, calm horizontal lines prevailing in the paintings and the square shape of compositions further enhance the impression of harmony, tranquillity and serenity.

Most of the artist's works are inspired by trips to different cities and countries. Anastasia Popova captures the majesty of nature and the variability of her states. This approach allows the viewer to find balance in the fast-paced life.
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