Artist talk. Alexander Saidov


Artist talk. Alexander Saidov

A new series of paintings presented at our exhibition is about paradise and its inhabitants. What idea unites the artworks and what prompted their creation?

How did you come to the fact that you are an artist and want to develop in this professional field?

You have two so-called stylistic "branches" in your artworks: hyperrealism and surrealism. Why do you choose them?

Apples. Oil on canvas. 30x40 cm

Tell us about the process of creating your paintings.

Do you invent all the characters yourself or do you rely on something when inventing them?

Breeders. Oil on canvas. 90x120 cm

Who are your favorite artists? Can you name the painters that influenced your style, vision in art?

What inspires you?

Park with water lilies. Oil on canvas. 70x120 cm

How do you choose themes for your work?

What are you working on now?

Are there any new series planned? What will they be about?

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