In Search of Beauty. Natalya Dmitrieva. Watercolour.


In her watercolours, the artist Natalya Dmitrieva shares the impressions of her trips around Russia and abroad.

The passion for travelling and the desire to discover picturesque corners in new cities and countries for themselves and their viewers are combined in the artist's work with virtuosity of manner. Natalia Dmitrieva paints not only close to the heart views of the Chusovaya River, the center of Yekaterinburg, familiar landscapes with ancient Russian churches, the artist notices beauty wherever her travels take her. She is inspired by seascapes breathing freshness, marinas with moored white yachts, cozy streets of Georgia, where every corner is carefully lit by the sun.

Perfectly mastering classical techniques, including oil painting, pastel, Natalia Dmitrieva always prefers watercolors and works mainly in the open air. The term "plein air" (en plein air) in French means "in the open air". Usually the artist works in the "a la prima" technique, which allows him to create a complete work in one session. Thanks to the use of this technique, the landscapes of Natalia Dmitrieva reliably convey the beauty of nature or city views.

The artist uses all the richness of color, while putting colorful emotions into his works. This is especially noticeable in light and harmonious flower arrangements created in nature. Natalia Dmitrieva depicts the flowers not picked and placed in a vase, but in their natural environment, which gives the work liveliness and airiness.
The sea has always been one of the favourite artist's subjects. Natalya Dmitrieva skillfully conveys the effects of the bright southern sun and sea waves. Looking at the romantic view of the sea bay, at the picturesque pier with slender yachts and the majestic silhouette of the lighthouse, viewers can feel the warm wind from the sea and hear the seagulls. The artist studies objects in the daylight, which makes her marine scenes even more expressive and complete.

In a number of urban landscapes, on the contrary, there is a slight understatement, as if the artist invites the viewer for a walk around the city. In search of beauty, Natalia Dmitrieva travels to sunny Georgia and walks along the streets of Tbilisi, observes Gdansk from a picturesque viewpoint, admires the noisy center of Yekaterinburg. The effects of watercolour technique allow the artist to convey the variety of colours and tones depending on sunlight and weather.
Winter landscapes reveal another side of the artist's talent and professionalism. The skill to depict a winter forest, literally white snow on white paper, is easy to Natalya Dmitrieva, as the artist has knowledge of special painting techniques and understands the nuances of winter landscapes. The white snow looks natural in the watercolours, and the artist's ability to subtly convey the state of the winter forest creates a special atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Natalia Dmitrieva focuses on a great variety of subjects, and her approach to depicting simple and familiar landscapes supports the artist's ability to notice and depict beauty in its diversity.
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