Artist talk. Yuri Pervushin


Artist talk. Yuri Pervushin

About the beggining of the artist`s career

My first professional education was at an art college in Sverdlovsk, then I entered the Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, graduated from the Faculty of Graphics. Since the education of an artist at the Academy of Arts was quite traditional, soon this was not enough for me. We created an art group with my several classmates and began to engage in creative searches actively. In 1993, we had our first exhibition abroad, in Belgium. In my senior year, I became a laureate of a competition in Paris dedicated to the interpretation of Poussin paintings, and participated in an exhibition in France. From these small but important victories, the beginning of my creative path was formed.

About the inspiration

About the hidden message of art

About the creative process

I work in cycles. I have about thirty series dedicated to certain subjects. I return to some series after a few years and interpret them in my work in a new way. This is what happened with leaves: in the 1990s, I painted leaves with an emphasis on the generalized state of nature. In 2021, I returned to this topic, but now I am exploring a separate leaf as a macrocosm with its own laws, concentrating only on it. I also often take photographs of objects, then to depict them on canvas, interpreting them in my own way and adding my own vision. As a result, if you compare a photograph and the final painting, you get two completely different things.

About the artist`s role

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