Anastasia Popova

Artist Anastasia Popova

About the artist
Born in Perm in 1984. Graduated from the Graphic Arts Department of the Perm Pedagogical College. Studied design and architecture at Perm State Technical University.
Since 2001, the artist regularly participates in exhibitions.
From 2011 to 2016 Anastasiya Popova made a series of trips to Europe.
The artist's paintings are found in Russian and foreign galleries and private collections.

2001–2020 - ART-Perm
2015–2019 - ART-Yekaterinburg
2010 - Personal exhibition "Phenomena", St. Petersburg
2014 - Participant of the Eurasian Festival of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg
2016 - Personal exhibition "Minimalism in Nature", Centre "Architect", Perm
2017 - Personal exhibition "The Sea of ​​Feelings", Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nizhny Novgorod
2018 - Personal exhibition "Breath of Autumn", Library named after Pushkin, Perm
2019 - Participant of the exhibition at the Astana International Financial Center, Kazakhstan
2020 - Participant of the international exhibition, St. Petersburg
2021 - Personal exhibition in the FORT gallery, Sochi

Art critic's comment

Unlike many other landscape painters, who follow the traditions of Russian realistic landscape, the artist Anastasia Popova has developed her own approach in depicting nature. The artist's paintings are laconic and strike with their simplicity. Instead of going into the smallest details in her landscapes, Anastasia Popova uses large colour spots to convey the endless depth of the sky, the smooth surface of water, the vastness of fields and coasts. The artist's landscapes create the mood and form a general image of nature rather than depict specific picturesque places.
Anastasia Popova subtly feels the state of nature, and her artworks are filled with softness and tranquility, which would create harmonious and comfortable environment in any interior.