Anton Polushin

The Artist Anton Polushin

About the artist
Born in 1966 (Kislovodsk)

I do works filled with the energy of Infinity. Here there is no "good" and "evil", only the play of these forces, from which everything new is born, develops, and again goes to Infinity. The works evoke associations that are filled with meaning individually for everyone, and different for everyone...

The Creator of the author's style of performance, which combines three components: gold, silk, transparent colors. Step by step, in small pieces, a technique is obtained that gives absolutely unthinkable combinations, exploding the boundaries of the possible, giving an enchanting play of light with color. The fabric of the canvas is full of hints, guesses, images, flashing brightly, and no longer appearing.... The picture is fascinating.... And there are many areas where this can be used. Wherever you hang a picture — in the office, at home, in public space — it will be talked about, discussed, scolded, praised — no one will be indifferent. Works consisting of several parts are combined in various combinations, which allows you to always have a fresh impression of the space.