Natalya Govorukhina

Artist Natalya Govorukhina

About the artist
Born in 1962 in Shadrinsk, Kurgan region.
Graduated from the Art School named after F. Bronnikov.

1986 - graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art, Department of Industrial

1986-1992 - worked as a designer at the Ural branch of the Russian Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics in Yekaterinburg.

1992 - studied and worked at the pottery workshop G. Kazachigov in Yekaterinburg.

1993 - moved to the town of Kamensk-Uralsky, where she started painting and producing pieces of graphic arts; worked at advertising agencies as a graphic designer, and as a stage and costume designer at theaters.


2014-2015 - personal exhibition "Simple Happiness", POLE Gallery, Yekaterinburg.

2019 - personal exhibition, Uralkartina Gallery, Yekaterinburg.

Art critic's comment

Enriched with the features of Primitivism, the paintings of Natalia Govorukhina are complex in their simplicity. The Primitivism is characterised by utopian ideas and somewhat naive perception of the world. However, an intentional simplification of artistic images and means of expression is the foundation of this style. Primitivism should not be equated to primitive artistic skill. Instead, as a style, the Primitivism could be quite elaborate. 

The paintings of Natalia Govorukhina convey peace and warmth, they are based on the deep unity with nature and are filled with a subtle understanding of its harmony. The artist's pieces are technically complex, the compositions are thought out to the smallest detail, and every feature in her painting carries a meaning.