Nikolai Reznichenko

Artist Nikolai Reznichenko

About the artist
Born in 1958 in the village of Ershov in Saratov region. Graduated from the nautical school in Kerch. After serving in the army studied in an art school in Krasnodar.

1982 – moved to Kostomuksha (Karelia), taught painting and graphic arts in an art school. A significant part of the artist's professional practice is icon restoration.

1986 – the first paintings exhibition in Karelia. It was successful and determined the participation in further exhibitions.

Since 1990, a significant part of the artist's professional practice has been dedicated to restoration and attribution of Russian icons.

The artist lives and works in Saint Petersburg since 1989.

Reznichenko's artworks are found in private collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Canada and USA.

Personal exhibitions:

2013 – Art-Perm, Gallery 25/17, Perm, Russia

2011 – Gallery Mishin Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA

2008 – IFA, jubilee exhibition ’50 Years ,’ Nevsky Pr. 60, Saint Petersburg

1999 – Russian Winter 99, Leipzig, Germany  


2019 – The 8th Beijing International Art Biennale, China

2019 – Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan

2017 – Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan

2014 – Rita Hertz Gallery, Luxembourg

2013 – Russian-Austrian cultural seasons ‘The Tenth Muse,’ Austria

2012 – ROS TRA Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2011 – ‘Summer River,’ State Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg, Rumyantsev Palace

2011 – Petersburg, Petersburg Manege, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2010 – From Saint Petersburg with Love, Galeria via Larga, Florence, Italy

2009 – New-York ARTEXPO, New York, USA

2002 – Luke & A Gallery, Saint Petersburg Art, London

2000 – Luke & A Gallery on Golden Square, Soho, London

1992 – Fontanka 52, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Art critic's comment

Nikolai Reznichenko’s paintings are characterised by harmonious content and artistic ideas. When creating his artworks, the painter draws inspiration from various sources. Some of his artworks demonstrate peacefulness just like icon-painting images, but there is also a tendency towards theatrical motives. The use of reverse perspective, the conventionality of landscape elements and the ways in which the artist shows volume in his paintings bear superficial resemblance to icons.

The artistry and expression of Reznichenko's characters are expressed in the rhythm of their gestures. The artist experiments with depicting the flexible figures of acrobats and dancers, striving to convey both the movement of their souls and bodies. The rhythm of their gestures and movements is expressive, but the look is always elusive, the eyes are half-closed. The personages of Nikolai Reznichenko's paintings live in an atmosphere of serenity. Scenes with musicians, dancers, couples in love, theater and circus performers create an atmosphere of peace. This resonates with the viewer, since everyone wishes to feel a part of this harmonious world.