Alexander Saidov

Artist Alexander Saidov

Saint Petersburg
About the artist
Born in 1970 in the village of Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar region.
1989 - graduated from the Krasnodar Art College.
1995 - member of the Russian Union of Artists.

Since 1991, the artist participates in city, regional and zonal exhibitions.

Main Exhibitions:

1991 - Republican exhibition "Youth of Russia". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1999 - Group exhibition, gallery "Noah's Art". Beirut, Lebanon
2000 - Kunst Handlung, Rotzel & Co. Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Gallery Breheret. Paris, France; Personal exhibition "Gallery Art Coupe". Mainz, Germany
2001 - Art Salon. Central House of Artists, Moscow
2003 - Gallery "Bedoir", author's project. Stockholm, Sweden
2004 - Personal exhibition "Lessons of time" gallery "Ladder", Krasnodar

From December 2006 to 2011 the artist has been participating in a series of exhibitions at the "Nevska Galery" in San Francisco, USA

2013 - Personal exhibition "Grass and stones through time" Central Exhibition Hall, Krasnodar
2014 - Author's project "Fantastic Realism", Rostov-on-Don
2016 - Group exhibition "Luna16", Kovalenko Museum, Krasnodar
2017 - Personal exhibition "Russian Dutchman", Kazan
2018 - Group project "Comfobular Lemonade" in the art center Bronze Horse, Krasnodar
2019 - Group project "OPEN" exhibition at the Bronze Horse art center, Krasnodar
2020 - Personal exhibition "Nooks of Paradise" gallery "Osobnyak", Krasnodar
2021 - Personal exhibition "Ghosts of the era of abundance". Central Exhibition Hall, Krasnodar 2022 - Personal exhibition "Not pierced are not allowed", RakovGallery, St. Petersburg

The artworks of Alexander Saidov are found in private collections in Russia, Germany, Turkey, USA, Australia, Thailand and other countries.

Art critic's comment

The creative method, which the artist Alexander Saidov has chosen is based on a combination of the most important artistic styles. The author is not interested in just copying the world around him. For this reason, in his pieces Saidov combines realistic features with fantastic elements and symbolism.

The artist works in various genres: he paints still lifes with fruit and decorative interior items, makes artworks with fantastic architectural views and often depicts fabulous animals and characters in his paitnigns. Creating his own artistic world, which he generously, to the smallest detail, shares with the viewer, Alexander Saidov relies on the foundations of Realism and classical painting technologies characteristic of European School of the 17th-18th centuries.