Vladimir Kirillov

The Artist Vladimir Kirillov

Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
Diploma from the Mayor's Office and the Government of Moscow
Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
Diploma from the Mayor's Office and the Government of Moscow
About the artist
Born in Moscow in 1980.
In 2002 graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical University. 
Since 2003 member of the Creative Artists' Union of Russia.
In 2010 joined the Creative Union of Artists ‘Rodniki.’

The artist works in various genres: landscape, portrait and genre painting.

Vladimir Kirillov was awarded medals of the Creative Artists' Union of Russia, and received a diploma for active participation in events dedicated to 200th year anniversary of A.S. Pushkin from the Mayor, Moscow Government and the magazine ‘My Moscow.’ 

Personal and group exhibitions:

1997 - Exhibition "300 years of Peter the Great's visit to Holland". The exhibition was organised by the Moscow Culture Foundation and the Dutch Embassy

1997 - Exhibition "850 Years of Moscow". Pavilion "Culture" of the All-Russian Exhibition Center

2009 - Exhibition "Vernissage" at the Office of the President of the Russian Federation and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

2011 - Exhibition "Colors of Time" Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Cultural Fund, Moscow

2010-2011 - Exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the artist I.I. Levitan "Traditions of Russian Landscape" at the Central House of Artists, Moscow

2015 - "ArtNow". Moscow artists’ paintings exhibition. Moscow, Central House of Artists

Art critic's comment

Vladimir Kirillov is known as an artist, who continues traditions of Russian realist art. It is primarily reflected in the artist’s interest in Russian nature. Landscape paintings occupy special place in Vladimir Kirillov’s art. The artist aims to reliably convey the picturesque beauty and tranquility of Russian forests and countryside, and paints magnificent views of old towns. The charm of Russian nature in Vladimir Kirillov’s paintings is filled with spirituality, which recalls the paintings of V.A. Serov, V.D. Polenov and V.M. Vasnetsov. This allows creating a timeless, epic image of Russian nature, untouched by civilization and full of tranquility.

Spirituality of mysterious Russian soul is invariably present in portrait and genre compositions of Vladimir Kirillov. Some of his paintings demonstrate tendencies of historism (neostyle) and a strong connection with the art of A.P. Ryabushkin and F.A. Malyavin, the artists, who were interested in Russian history, folk and peasant themes and images of people. Vladimir Kirillov’s paintings are notable for their high quality of technique. The artist has a subtle sense of colour, he skillfully conveys light effects, whereas brushstrokes add texture and tangibility to his paintings. The art of Vladimir Kirillov has no restrictions, he demonstrates diversity of artistic manners. Although the painter is inspired with old Russia and works in the style of historism, his art is not conservative at all.