Sergey Akramov

Artist Sergey Akramov

About the artist
Sergey Akramov graduated with a master's degree in Architecture from the Ural State University of Arts and Architecture (2017). He had started his artistic development being a street artist and produced graffiti. The artist regularly takes part in the street art festival 'Stenograffia'. A few years ago, he began creating both paintings on canvas and original mixed media graphics on paper.

Sergey Akramov regularly participates in exhibitions and festivals in Russia, Portugal, Hungary, France and other countries. He lives and works in Yekaterinburg.

Selected Exhibitions:

2022 - "Transit way", "Main Avenue", Ekaterinburg,

2021 - 3rd International Triennial of Graphic Arts, Novosibirsk State Art
museum, Novosibirsk,

2021 - Group exhibition "La Rue La Rue La Rue", Goldshteyn-Saatort gallery, Paris, France

2020 - Collective exhibition "The Side", the Art Museum. F. Kovalenko, Krasnodar,

2019 - “Wrong Reality”, Hegyvidék Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2018 - “Parts of the walls, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" and the RuArts Foundation, St. Petersburg,

2018 - “Stroke Art Fair”, Munich, Germany,

2017 - Group exhibition "From Street For Eat 3", Loft Park "Podzemka", Novosibirsk

2016 - Group exhibition “SPOUTNIK” in the new art space of the Russian gallery, Paris,

2015 - First personal exhibition "From graffiti to art", Street Art Gallery art "Sweater", Yekaterinburg,

2015 – parallel program of the third Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art

Eurasian Festival of Contemporary Art. Ekaterinburg-EXPO November 2014

Participation in Festivals:

"Stenograffia", Ekaterinbruge from 2010-2017, 2023.

Art residence at Sukhodolye from the Supernova Art Embassy, Sukhodolye village, 2022

Project Memorandum, Ufa, 2022

"Spark" Urban Fest, Neftekamsk, 2021

"Bridges", Nizhnevartovsk, 2021

Urban fest, project Memorandum, Sterlitamak, 2020

"Urban Morphogenesis", Odintsovo, 2019

"Carte blanche", Ekaterinburg, 2019

"SATKA Street Art Fest", Satka, 2019

"Place", Nizhny Novgorod, 2018

Festival at Stroke Art Fair, Munich, Germany, 2018

“Loures Arte Pública” Loures, Portugal, 2017

Lecture + Master class on street art and graffiti at the Archiperspective festival-exhibition in Ural State Academy of Art and Architecture during the Night of Museums, 2013.

Art critic's comment

Sergey Akramov has developed his style and mastrered his technique basing on his exprience in street art. In his canvas paintings, the artist applies mixed media and uses spray paint, traditional to graffiti, in a combination with acrylic. In fact, Sergey Akramov's signature at canvases strongly resembles signatures at graffiti painted on the city street walls.

In his artworks, Sergey Akramov rethinks all kinds of life events, relives his impressions of
travelling to different countries and shares these experiences with the viewer. Bright and lively colours of his pieces form an atmosphere of positive emotions, which viewers wish to experience again and again.