Konstantin Fomin

Artist Konstantin Fomin

About the artist

Konstantin Fomin is a talented Russian
artist whose work has been presented in national exhibitions and in the USA,
He is a laureate and winner of art competitions. His paintings are in many
His paintings are in many private collections in Russia and abroad.
The artist's work is built on admiration
of female and male images, from portraits to drawings of nudes.
Playing with different lines, shapes and colours he tries to capture and convey
a characteristic sensuality and subtle artistic aesthetic.
"I have always been interested in the human being, and
visual art is one of the best forms of exploring, interpreting and
and expression of what I see and feel in people."
In addition, Fomin also explores symbolism and
metaphorical meaning in his work.

He most often paints in pastel on primed
Canvas or charcoal on paper in an expressive authorial manner reflecting his
personal, vivid emotionality. Fomin sees beauty and creates it in his works
with precise, lively line, shimmering stain, emotive colour and expressive
textures. He uses gold and sauce in his work, an unusual national material,
which has interesting qualities - it can be painted like a bed and like a
with watercolour, with a brush and water. It's a classic academic material,
a favourite at the Academy of Arts. ARTIST

The subject of my work is life and myths, people, all

I mainly portray people - women and
Men, often naked, in their natural state. I believe that every body
body is beautiful, has unique features and its own individual
aesthetics. I create portraits by delving into and studying the personality of the model,
I try to express the characteristic external and internal, personal traits, to reveal
the beauty I see in every person. In my work I try to convey
eternal beauty with classical and modern techniques in graphics. I think about
artistic understanding of characters and states, emotionally expressed
through the body.

Sources of inspiration for me are everywhere! Я
I observe the world, the events, what's going on around me. I read books and
I look for patterns, I look for stories that inspire me. Я
I write it down, my thoughts, my reflections in a personal diary and use it all in
in my work.
I love poetry, literature and history - it's
an endless source of inspiration!

I wish the person who looks at my work
at my work, a ringing silence inside... Silence is where
we all come from...

There are artists who fascinate me and in some way
influence my work in some way. Of the artists of the past, these are: the great
Rembrandt, Nikolai Feshin, Mikhail Vrubel, I'm impressed by their emotionality,
expressiveness and craftsmanship, subtle psychologism of images! Of the drawings, I like the Albrecht
I most like Albrecht Dürer and Aubrey Beardsley with their filigree and expressive
details, intricate images and meanings. Of my contemporaries, one of those who
I respect Nikolai Blokhin, a connoisseur of human character.

Membership in unions:

Member of the Moscow Union of Architects since 2001.
Architects" ●- since 2001 is a member of the "Moscow Union of Architects".
Member of associations: ● - Since 2019 is a member of the Tushinsky Society of
Member of the Moscow Union of Architects ● - since 2001 is a member of the Tushino Association of Artists Member of the Union of Russian Artists since 2022.



- Participant of the International Independent Festival of Book Illustration and Visual Literature MORS 2022, Moscow, the historic site "Khlebozavod". MORS brings together contemporary book illustrators and artists, publishers, writers and readers.

 - GROUP EXHIBITION "MALL TRAGEDIES" based on the work of A.S. Pushkin.
@ Gallery "Open Club", Moscow, Russia.  

- Exhibition of the Union of Russian artists "A modern man through the eyes of an artist".   Concert hall, Gaidarowiec Culture Centre, Tolstoy House Museum, Moscow, Russia.

- International art-project "MOST-4 by TTX and the Union of Russian Artists of Estonia with the support of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow.
Estonian Embassy in Moscow. artists @ Tushino Museum & Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.

- Annual Exhibition "Moscow Pastel -22" Moscow Union of Artists Kuznetsky most 20, 10-15 January, Moscow. (catalogue)


- Exhibition to the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Regional Union of Artists
Regional Union of Artists". In the hall of the House of Artists "Borodin House", Mozhaisk, Russia.
Mozhaisk, Russia.

- Exhibition of anniversary of the Creative Association
Tushino painters' association @ Museum - Exhibition hall "Tushino", Moscow,

- "Annual exhibition of the Tushino Association of Artists TTX" @ Museum and Exhibition Hall "Tushino" , Moscow, Russia.


- "Beware! Naked Nature!" @ Art-Office Gallery FEDINI
Moscow, @, Moscow, Russia. Curator of the exhibition Anastasia Dmitrenko.

- "True Summer". @ Art-Office Gallery FEDINI Moscow, @, Moscow, Russia

- ArtRussiaFair - contemporary art fair @ Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia

- La Magia del Cine" at Russian Art Park @ Art Emporium
Wynwood / Little Havana, Miami, USA. The project took place at two locations in Miami: Little Havana's ART EMPORIUM Gallery ART EMPORIUM, alongside film festivals, and the Art Studio at Wynwood, alongside Art Basel Miami LITTLE HAVANA / WYNWOOD.
- "Italian Art Week" ITALIAN ART WEEK Winner of the International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Art: 1st place in the Dry Pastel Competition - Italy, Sicily, Caltagirone.
- Annual exhibition of the Tushino Fellowship of Artists @ Tushino Museum & Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia

- Exhibition of Modern Artists "Artists to Moscow Exhibition of Modern Artists "Artists to Moscow" @ Museum and Exhibition Hall "Tushino", Moscow, Russia

- Exhibition of traditional and contemporary art "Through the Eyes of Mum @ Rart_ekb Gallery, Ekaterinburg, Russia

- Moscow
International Exhibition of Traditional and Contemporary Art "International Art Salon in Gostiny Dvor" @ Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia @ Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia (1st place in the nomination "Pastel")

- International Exhibition of Erotic Art "ARTLOVE Exhibition Centre of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia (2nd prize in the category Silhouette)

- Infinity" exhibition @ VIII Festival of Modern Art and Sport-Festival "WAFEst", Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia

- Exhibition "Pastel" @W&P Gallery, Moscow, Russia

- Exhibition "Graphics and Watercolour" @ W&P Gallery @W&P Gallery, Moscow, Russia

- Exhibition "Paintings" Exhibition "Paintings and watercolours" @ W&P Gallery, Moscow, Russia
- Exhibition of paintings "Jewish woman in Tanakh and New Testament" @ Moscow Exhibition Hall @ Moscow Union of Artists Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia


- Still Life Exhibition "Simple Things". @ Salute House of Culture, Moscow, Russia  

- Winner of the architectural competition "Moscow Metro Station Project - Terekhovo", organiser @ K.B. Strelka. Moscow, Russia

- Winner of the architectural competition for the concept of a hotel complex @ Radisson Blu Moscow Riverside Hotel&Spa, Moscow, Russia