Pencil, Paper/drawing paper
About artwork
A naked girl meditates sitting on the floor. She concentrates on the inside of her body, watching her breathing. Thoughts flow slowly, dissolving into emptiness...Drawing on paper, A3 format, graphite - one, two lines that convey the pose, rotation, position of the hands. Such drawings, made in 5-10 minutes, allow me to "fix" the moment, "freeze" it on a sheet, reveal the beauty of the moment.I like to draw lines of living curves of the body. I am inspired by plastic and the shape of a living body, and at the same time I am looking for inner harmony. I put emotions, admiration for beauty into my painting and broadcast it to the viewer: eyes, faces, bodies, their life, movement, immobility and peace.Such graphics will perfectly complement the interior – gently and harmoniously. Not dominating, but bringing elegance and beauty to both modern and classic spaces.It can be framed with white paper and a frame for greater expressiveness.Perfect for bedroom, boudoir, spacious bathroom and personal collection.The paper has a density of 160 g/m.A certificate of authenticity is attached to each drawing.

During shipment, it will be securely packed in an envelope or tube, protected from moisture and mechanical influences by a hard cover.
About the artist
Konstantin Fomin - Moscow graphic artist, architect, member of the Union of Moscow Architects.
Got a classic art education at the school of art Balakovo. He received an education (architecture) in the Moscow College of Architecture and Management in Building and in the Moscow Architectural Institute.

Konstantin is a laureate and diploma winner of Russian and international art competitions, actively exhibits, and participates in the exhibition of contemporary Russian artists in Miami: art gallery "EMPORIUM," in the Art Studio in Wynwood, in Art Basel Miami. Participated in the contemporary art fair ArtRussiaFair 2020.

Konstantin Fomin works mainly in soft techniques: pastels, charcoal, and sanguine.

The artist is inspired by the human body-figurative graphics and painting. He pays special attention to the artistic interpretation of the theme of time and infinity, emotionally expressed through corporeality. Working in a soft technique involves close contact of the hands with the surface of the sheet. Therefore, the images created by Constantine are literally sculpted on a plane or carved using methods similar to the work of a sculptor. This is a graphic that partly resembles impressionism, in a free, almost sketchy manner, reflecting the transience of time and focusing the viewer on the beauty of the stopped moment.

Konstantin Fomin also works in oil, graphite, ink, book illustration, electronic painting, and develops installations.
Payment methods and delivery options

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