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Pencil, Paper/drawing paper
About artwork
A naked girl meditates sitting on the floor. She concentrates on the inside of her body, watching her breathing. Thoughts flow slowly, dissolving into emptiness...Drawing on paper, A3 format, graphite - one, two lines that convey the pose, rotation, position of the hands. Such drawings, made in 5-10 minutes, allow me to "fix" the moment, "freeze" it on a sheet, reveal the beauty of the moment.I like to draw lines of living curves of the body. I am inspired by plastic and the shape of a living body, and at the same time I am looking for inner harmony. I put emotions, admiration for beauty into my painting and broadcast it to the viewer: eyes, faces, bodies, their life, movement, immobility and peace.Such graphics will perfectly complement the interior – gently and harmoniously. Not dominating, but bringing elegance and beauty to both modern and classic spaces.It can be framed with white paper and a frame for greater expressiveness.Perfect for bedroom, boudoir, spacious bathroom and personal collection.The paper has a density of 160 g/m.A certificate of authenticity is attached to each drawing.

During shipment, it will be securely packed in an envelope or tube, protected from moisture and mechanical influences by a hard cover.
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Оплатить заказ наличными можно на кассе галереи или при получении у курьера, банковской картой, банковским переводом по расчетному счету Вы всегда можете забрать работу в ближайшем от вас филиале RakovGallery, получить с курьером в городах присутствия или транспортной компанией

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Pencil, Paper/drawing paper, 17 x 12 in
1021 y.
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$ 59
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art. NA003.1.099
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