Oil, Canvas
Narrative art
About the artist
Paul Pokidysheva call a talented painter-monumentalist. He is a follower of the academic, St. Petersburg school of painting. I note that some accuse the painter of imitating Gustav Klimt. Well, if there is an imitation, it's quite worthy. For me, it is better to paint such paintings than to paint red and black squares. Pavel V. Pokidyshev member of the Union of artists of Russia. Was born in 1965 in Penza. 1980 – 1984 - art school. K. A. Savitsky in Penza. 1987-1993 from the Academy of fine Arts im. I. E. Repina, St. Petersburg. 1994-1996-internship at the Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg. Exhibitions: 1993 – "Forest gallery", Guilford, great Britain. 1994 – "Weekend gallery", Berlin, Germany. 1995 – Exhibition of fellows "Total", Kirkenes, Oslo, Bergen, Norway. Haselmere myseum. Haselmere, England. 1996 – Central house of artists, Moscow. 1997 – Gallery "Miro", Berlin. 1998 – "Alter Rathaus", Esslingen, Germany. 1999 – Central house of artists. Moscow. Galley I "Art-tyrne", Potsdam, Germany. 2001 – "Russian art. New generation.» Center for Contemporary art, Delft, Holland.
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