casting, Bronze/metals
Fine and Contemporary Art
About the artist
Galiulin Ilya was born in 1985 in Kungur, Perm region.

2003-2007 - studied at the Kungur State College of Art and Industry, specializing in Decorative and Applied Arts and Folk Crafts.
2007 - 2013 - completed training at the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture by Ilya Glazunov. Creative activity is expressed in the manufacture of the park, easel sculptures using various materials (concrete, stone, wood, bronze).

Took part in various art events:
2012 - All-Russian festival of sand sculpture "Words in the Sand", Perm
2012 - within the framework of the ufological conference "Other", the festival of park stone sculpture, Kishert, Perm region
2014 - production and installation of a series of garden sculptures (concrete), in the parking zone of the city of Osy, Perm region
2014 - participation in the Eurasian Festival of Contemporary Art (series of bronze sculptures) EFSI, Yekaterinburg
2015 - participation in the annual festival-fair Art-Perm, (series of bronze sculptures). Perm
2016 - participation in the annual festival-fair Art-Perm, (a series of bronze sculptures). Perm.

Lives and works in Perm.
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