Oil, Canvas
About the author
Eugene Gusel'nikov was born in the city of Chelyabinsk. In 1976 he graduated from art school at the Chelyabinsk art College.Teacher - Soloviev, A. A.(Academy Of Arts, Dresden). He is a painter, graphic artist,sculptor of small forms and the formation of the architect. In his work, Eugene prefers to experiment different themes of art,whether landscape,portrait,still life, animals and scene painting. However, all his works have a deep meaning. The constant search of the artist defines his work as an endless path of creation,showing the essence of the universe on material paintings in a different technique. Master color schemes, Eugene often uses visual process simple objects and familiar the images of the material world. And the conceptual underpinnings of its subjects, together with an abstract style of performance, not hinder it the works to be understandable to the viewer. And the light energy emitted by it when it causes positive emotions and enthusiasm. In 1997-2000.. Eugene has worked abroad as a portrait painter. Participates in exhibitions since 1991. Work in private collections - Russia, Czech Republic, UK, Turkey, Cyprus,Serbia, China. Participant of international competitions of painting and drawing London, new York, Venice,Moscow. Currently, Eugene lives and works in St. Petersburg.
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