About the artist
Alexander Oligerov was born in 1965. Graduated from the graphic arts faculty of the Russian State Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg in 1993.
Since 2000 he is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Since 2009 he is a member of the Paris Union of Artists "Les Seize Anges".
In 2004 at the international festival of arts "Master-class" in St. Petersburg (President - M. Piotrovsky, authors of the project - Tamara Semenova and Azat Mamedinov) received the first prize and the "Master's Hat" in the nomination "Painting".
In September 2007 in Paris at the exhibition "Meeting of Artists of Five Continents" (where the artist's paintings got after passing two rounds of the French competition), Oligerov's painting represented the fine art of Europe, among the art of 100 other artists from all continents.
In 2006, for the works presented at the exhibition in St. Petersburg "250 years of the Academy of Arts of Russia", he was awarded a silver medal of the Academy of Arts of Russia.
In 2011 Alexander received 1st place at the Italian competition of contemporary art "Made in Russia" and then represented, as part of the "Year of Russia in Italy", contemporary Russian art in Milan.
In 2011 Oligerov received three specials. prize in Moscow at the competition of contemporary art at the Academy of Arts of Russia "Art Preview", including the prize of the magazine "Russian Art" for the best painting.
In 2016, at the largest international competition in Asia "Art Revolution Taipei" (Taiwan), Alexander received the Main Prize and the Prize of the Chairman of the Jury.

The St. Petersburg Museum of Contemporary Art "Erarta" presented the artist's paintings in 2014 in its gallery in London, in 2015 in its gallery in Hong Kong, and in 2016 with a personal exhibition in St. Petersburg.

The Union of Artists of Russia awarded Alexander the Gold Medal "Spirituality. Traditions. Mastery."

The artworks of Alexander are held in:
Fine Arts (Murmansk),
the State Pskov Museum-Reserve (Pskov),
the State Novgorod Regional Museum (Novgorod),
In private collections in Russia and abroad, the largest of which is the collection of the vice president of Samsung (South Korea) Mr. Lee Gil Khan (42 paintings).
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