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Mixed media, Cardboard
About artwork
Canvas on cardboard / Acrylic gesso / Pastel / Potale

Konstantin Fomin explores the nature and philosophy of femininity, manifesting it in graphic images.
In this picture the search for balance and harmony is expressed. The artist poses questions. How can a modern woman find the desired balance between everyday life and self-realization, the balance, the divine Gift that will help her to bring something new into the world? Here is the image of a woman who has found herself and is ready to give her talent and love to the world, expressed in the image of a golden ball in her hands. The golden shadow-wings behind her back have the texture and colour of a golden antique, representing the value of a gift, regardless of time. It is a precious mark left on Earth by a person who has found her way. 

   The work is made in the author's mixed technique pastel, indigo on acrylic textured primer, with the use of gold gilding. The work is framed in an Italian wooden baguette of museum quality. The frame emphasizes details of the painting made with gold gilding. Perfect for interiors with brass, copper and gold details, such as modern classics.

The painting can currently be viewed at the Rakovgallery offline at:
at: St. Petersburg, 1 Karavannaya Street.

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Оплатить заказ наличными можно на кассе галереи или при получении у курьера, банковской картой, банковским переводом по расчетному счету Вы всегда можете забрать работу в ближайшем от вас филиале RakovGallery, получить с курьером в городах присутствия или транспортной компанией

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Mixed media, Cardboard, 12 x 9 in
2019 y.
Price of the painting
$ 169
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art. NA003.1.099
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