Art investment


Art investment

  • the price is not affected by the market fluctuations,
  • the physical asset - it's nearby, and you control it,
  • it gives aesthetic pleasure,
  • social significance: the demand for the work of artists helps to move on the art market.

Statistics show that over the past 40 years, the cost of art increased by 1000% and continues to grow steadily. While in Russia, investing in art objects is still not widespread due to a number of myths in mass consciousness about investment in art, in General, lack of education in this matter.

The global misconception associated with this is to invest in art can only the rich. With this fact our experience shows that the entry threshold for the first “sample” can be from 5-10 thousand rubles for the painting. This initial capital can be for example a sketch work is already known to the masters or any work of a young promising artist.

However, not only the many illusions become on your way to creating profitable assets, there is a fear to be deceived, because the mechanisms of the art market nobody describes and does not provide an absolute guarantee of rising prices for works by a particular artist.

To do this, there are also basic rules of safe investing:

1) to explore the creative biography of the artist,

2) learn about the art itself,

3) to contact approved dealers.

  • You receive detailed advice on an individual request;
  • Together with the art object, you will be issued a certificate of authenticity and an expert document. If the art product needs to be sent abroad, gallery owners will make the export and help with transporting it;
  • The gallery presents a large selection of works by forward-looking artists. This increases the chances of finding "the one" work of art that may rise in price in the future.
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