About the eternal and transitory


The creative world of Alisher Kushakov

"The portrait" by artist Alisher Kushakov

"Sonya" by Alisher Kushakov

Let's now look at the artist's own works. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is how Alisher harmoniously creates space around people. You will never see specific objects: interior, landscape-only abstract touches. But how much they can say...the Characters of Alisher Kushakov's paintings are like the product of a distant dream or someone's memory.
The figures dissolve into space. It is unclear where the body begins and the surrounding atmosphere ends. Hence the feeling of ephemerality, fluidity, and fleetness. At the same time, the paintings convey a special mood, whether it is melancholy, contemplation, or the interweaving of two souls.
"The pianist" by artist Alisher Kushakov

"Katya" by Alisher Kushakov

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