Alexander Zaitsev

Artist Alexander Zaitsev

About the artist
Alexander Zaitsev was born in Kemerovo in 1965. Finished
painting and pedagogical department of the Kemerovo art college. Participated in the international exhibition ART-MYTH-2 (Moscow), Tallinn-Leningrad.

Made creative trips to Gorny Altai, Gornaya Shoria, the Caucasus, the Baltic states, which resulted in the creation of the series of works "Telbes", "Altai Tsar", "Egle - Queen of the Adders", "By the Sea".

1992 was the beginning of the new creative stage. Expedition to Kamchatka: visiting volcanoes, geysers, the ocean coast, was the impetus for the birth of the project "Spirits of Kamchatka ".

Picturesque and graphic works of Alexander are kept in Kemerovo
Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Novokuznetsk Art Museum,
Moscow museums, private collections in England, Germany, Yugoslavia, the USA, Lithuania, Israel, and Russia.