Alisher Kushakov
Alisher Kushakov

About an Artist

Alisher Kushakov was born in 1988 in the city of Jizzakh, the Republic of Uzbekistan. At the age of 5, he decided to become an artist, as his father Ravshan Khurazovich Kushakov worked as a design artist, and Alisher often watched his work. All childhood Alisher attended art school. After graduation, he went to Saratov, where he entered the Saratov art school. A. P. Bogolyubov, the Department of "Design environment" 2005 - 2009, in parallel working as a graphic artist. After graduation, Alisher decided to take up graphic design and went to Moscow, where he enrolled in the British higher school of art and design course "Visual communications" 2010-2012. in Moscow, he worked in design studios and advertising agencies. By 2014, Alisher remembered his childhood dream and decided to retire from advertising to finally become an artist. For 2 years Alisher Kushakov has been engaged only in artistic practice, namely painting and graphics. He had 3 solo exhibitions in 2015, in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. Alisher also participates in General exhibitions.
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