Giorgi Makharashvili
Giorgi Makharashvili

About an Artist

Georgian artist Giorgi Maharashvili was born in 1988, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgy's mother often recalled that his first steps in painting were focused on the work of the famous Georgian artist Lado Gudiashvili. This direction has become a way of life. In 2009, Georgy graduated from the faculty of glass design at the Tbilisi art Academy. In 2011, he received a master of fine arts degree from the same Academy, where he now lectures.

Maharashvili's works have been repeatedly exhibited in the Netherlands, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. His painting "the Unknown king" was an illustration for the cover of the book" the philosopher's Crystal: the treacherous landscape of Tassatarius " by Marcin Dolecki. Works By Giorgi Maharashvili can be found in private collections and galleries around the world.
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