Sergey Bastajyan

Artist Sergey Bastajyan

About the artist
Born in 1980 in the town of Goryachy Klyuch, Krasnodar, as a child he moved with his family to Belgorod Region.
Currently lives and works in Belgorod, participates in many exhibitions and competitions, both in Russia and abroad.

Personal exhibitions:
- "Two Facets", Belgorod, 2017.
- "Ideal Place", Belgorod, 2019.
- "Special Everyday", Belgorod, 2021.
- Art contest “Russian Art Week” Moscow, 2019. First place in the nomination “The Image, Forms and Lines” with the artwork “River”.

Art critic's comment

According to the artist, their passion for drawing goes back to early childhood. During a long period, Sergey Bastajyan was focused on graphic arts. Later on, the artist began working in oil, which expanded the possibilities in conveying texture, volume, colour and light effects. On the one hand, the artist is in constant creative search. Sergey Bastajyan enjoys experimenting in various painting manners and often turns to new themes. On the other hand, their works are always united by common philosophical motives.

Partially, Bastajyan's works are close to surrealism, they transfer the viewer to another reality and reveal unusual, mystical and mesmerising world. However, the artist's style is rather reminiscent of minimalism and abstract art. The use of specific colours, contrasts of dark, deep colours and bright accents create special atmosphere in the artworks. In their paintings, Sergei Bastadzhyan often prefers the "mysterious and intense" indigo, admires the simplicity and laconism of geometric shapes. Colour, background and internal environment of the artworks become main characters of the paintings.

Using palette knives and large construction brushes, or sometimes even fingers to paint, in most cases the artist never thinks over the subjects of their artworks in advance, but paints intuitively, spontaneously and emotionally. The ambiguity of subjects and abstract motives of Sergei Bastajyan's paintings leave the viewer freedom of interpretation.