Alexandr Mikhaleff

Artist Alexandr Mikhaleff

About the artist
Born on Sakhalin Island in 1982.

2005 – graduated from Maikop Technological Institute.

2008 – moved to Moscow, studied web-design.

2008-2014 – worked as an Internet marketer.

2014-2018 – Internet entrepreneur.

From 2018 to present the artist devotes his entire time to creative work, painting and researching the art market. The artist’s paintings are found in private collections in the USA and Russia.

Art critic's comment

Alexander Mikhaleff experiments in the styles of abstract expressionism and surrealism, he also works with geometric and abstract forms. The author may combine these motifs in one composition.

The artist seeks to build a dialogue with viewers through his artworks and aims filling his paintings with ideas and emotions. His main creative goal is to develop the ability to unconsciously convey the image in an expressive manner. According to the artist, a good abstract painting would always make viewers think and it would help them finding answers to philosophical questions.

Alexander Mikhalev believes that abstract and surrealist paintings attract viewers because they provoke thoughts; subjects of abstract paintings never distract from reflections, but rather encourage viewers to think and bring them to the state of self-awareness.

'I am not limited with theory. I always ignore the rules, and prefer checking rules in practice. I value freedom and personal opinion." (Alexander Mikhalev)