Alexander Volkov

Artist Alexander Volkov

Saint Petersburg
About the artist
A native of Tashkent, a member of the "Association of Free Artists."
Alexander Volkov creates paintings at the intersection of abstraction and cityscape. Thanks to the expressive brushstroke, sweeping lines, the image of the city acquires dynamics, movement, energy. It is no coincidence that the artist is inspired by Matisse, Van Gogh, as well as Chinese painting and Japanese engraving Ukiyo-e. Volkov also carefully observes all the details of the world around him, seeks to convey the variety of states of nature, city, people.

Art critic's comment

The artist’s creative style is reminiscent of the “aesthetics of neo-expressionists”. In Volkov’s works, the spontaneity of the sketch as the basis of the whole picture is important; the sub-painting layer of the canvas with its nerve lines and strokes, expressed in the technique of grattage, is important. The main character of the work is Petersburg. “Worker”, “household”, “everyday” - this is exactly what Alexander Volkov's Petersburg appears to the viewer. The city is deprived of that magnificent image of the cultural capital. Volkov’s landscapes are harsh, broken, grotesque; they are practically devoid of perspective and chiaroscuro. On the narrow, crumpled streets and canals there are only weak signs of life: a bulky bus; a tram rattling in the distance; lonely pedestrians wading through the dank autumn-winter haze; cars blinding with headlights, frozen in anticipation of a taxi rider.