Oil, Canvas
About the artist
Alexey Malykh-Vasiliev was born in the Urals in Alapaevsk, Sverdlovsk region. After graduating from high school, he studied in the Art Studio. After serving in the army in 1981, he came to St. Petersburg to enter the Academy of Arts. by I. E. Repin. For four years he was engaged as an external student at the Academy of Arts with A. A. Mylnikov, B. Lavrenko, Veselkin, A. L. Korolev, A. L. Khudyakov. In 1985 he entered the Academy of Arts at the faculty of easel painting. From the first to the third year he studied with S. N. Repin, I. G. Uralov, N. Suzdaleva, Kiparisov. From the third to the sixth year he studied under the guidance of Professors Fomin, Kichko, Stetsenko. In 1991 he defended his diploma painting "the Return". In 2003 he joined the Union of artists of St. Petersburg. He held a number of personal exhibitions.

Alexey works in the genre of portrait, still life, composition.

Regularly participates in exhibitions of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
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