Edgar Invoker

Artist Edgar Invoker

About the artist
1998 - graduated from Rostov art school, faculty of painting
2007 - graduated from the St. Petersburg state academic Institute of painting, sculpture, and architecture named after Repin, faculty of painting, specialty - monumental painting.

Group Exhibitions:
2012 - "Surrealismo Ibero Ruso" EMMA gallery, Madrid, Spain
2012 - International Vanguard-Surrealistic-Esoteric Art-Show "GEYSERS OF SUBCONSCIOUSNESS-8" Moscow, Russia
2013 - Exposicion "especial Arco" Galeria EMMA, Madrid, Spain
2013 - "International Surrealism NoW" at Art Gallery CA, Lisbon
2013 - Exhibition-Festival "Art Anfas Japan: tradition and modernity" Exhibition Hall Museum of Urban Sculpture, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 - The opening of the creative space "ARTMUZA" Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 - International Surrealism Now Gallery Vieira Porto, Porto, Portugal
2014 - International Surrealism Now - Palais de Lousã, Coimbra, Portugal
2015 - International Surrealism Now - a Galeria da Antiga Capitania do Porto de Aveiro
2016 - International Surrealism Now, Galeria Particula, Coimbra
2016 - International Surrealism Now-Bissaya Barreto Foundation-Particula SpaceCoimbra, Portugal
2016 - Chaostrophy: artworks inspired by the music and history of the band Coil, Ludwig Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017 - Affordable Art Hong Kong in 2017, stand C07 - "I love art gallery", Saint-Petersburg

Personal exhibitions:
2013 - "INVOKER's DREAMS", art space "The Sea", Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2013 - BLACK CUBE - EDGAR INVOKER art space "The Sea", Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2016 - "Crossroads of dreams", creative space "ARTMUZA", Saint-Petersburg
2017 - "Point of perception" Metropolis Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Dreamscapes V (Contemporary Imaginary Realism).

Art critic's comment

Edgar Invoker is an artist who works at the interface of abstract art and surrealism. Studying lucid dreaming, diffusion of materials, consciousness condition in the moment of transition from a dream to real life had a great influence on the artist. 

Edgar practices lucid dreaming himself and fixes his experience on the paintings. The main technique is the creation of an abstract form as a smudge or a print and then displaying a concrete image. Using academic art education as a base, Edgar freely works in such techniques as airbrushing, phototypesetting, fluid acrylic.

The artist deliberately creates the experimental field around him and goes into it as a participant. Edgar suggests that every artwork is the manifestation of a seeking person. So the initial idea comes through lots of transformation levels, and only after that transformation, it becomes a finished painting.