Daria Eliseeva

Artist Daria Eliseeva

About the artist
Russian painter and graphic artist. Graduated from the Yekaterinburg art school, Ural State University of Architecture and Art, majoring in monumental and decorative art.

Darya works on a fine line between a realistic and abstract canvas, in which order and chaos coexist and pass from one state to another depending on the point of perception of the artwork. Exploring the structure of the surrounding reality, the artist in her works creates a tension between imagination and reality, involving the viewer in her game. The author constantly reminds us all that you see is not a representation of reality, but only the paint applied to the canvas. At the same time, painting becomes something very concrete, tangible, having a clear format, as opposed to a chaotic, multi-layered, dynamic world.

Since 2004 she has been a participant in all-Russian, regional, group, and city exhibitions and festivals. Darya's works are held in private collections in the USA, Switzerland, and Russia.