Nurlan Kilibaev

Nurlan Kilibaev

About the artist
He was born in 1969 in the city of Ushtobe (Kazakhstan). In 1995
he graduated from the faculty of art and graphics
KAZ NPU them. Abai's.                  

 Member of the Union of artists
RK. Laureate Of the state prize "Daryn".

His favorite subjects are genre and portrait compositions,
made in a realistic way.

N. Kilibayev's paintings have a bright national color and
rich ornamentation, his work can not be confused with any other –
so individual is his approach and method of solving artistic problems. Decorativeness
and the typology of images is
a distinctive feature of the artist's creative handwriting. Works glorify the beauty
Women, love of life.

The artist has an amazing gift to get away from the mundane,
routine, despite the careful predetermination of each work. He
seeking to penetrate the haze of mystery, moonlight, or actually flickering