Olga Akasi

Artist Olga Akasi

About the artist
Olga Akasi is a classical artist. Lives and works in Kyiv.

Main direction: Portraiture. Works with traditional materials: canvas, oil. Turns to the history and heritage of painting, to its best traditions, especially to the era of the Italian and Dutch Renaissance. She studied the writing technique of Titian, Rembrandt, Levitsky in the museums of St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Moscow.

Personal exhibitions:

Gallery "Griffin" (2005),
gallery "Sribni Dzvony" (2007),
Center for Contemporary Art "Art-Chic (2013, 2016).
Works were exhibited in the galleries "Lada", "Sofievskaya".

Participation in international festivals:

Art-Kyiv 2007 (Ukrainian House),
Art-Kyiv 2008 (Ukrainian House),
Luxury Temptation Fairy Fair 2008 (ACCO International),
Ukrainian Art Week: International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts (Central House of Artists of National Artist Union),
Luxury Temptation 2009 (Alex Art House) complex "Old Vienna", Center Porcelain, UD Zarina),
One Picture Show 2010 at the Charity Christmas presidential ball of the Kyiv Cigar Club (Intercontinental Hotel),
One Picture Show 2011 at the Big Smoke Cigar Club (ball of the Kyiv Cigar Club),
an exhibition in the house of Kyiv Cigar Club on Franco (spring 2011 - spring 2012).

Participation in charity auctions:

"Artists for Children" (Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, April 28, 2010),
Charity Christmas presidential ball of the Kyiv Cigar Club (2010, Intercontinental Hotel),
Charity auction of the Kyiv Cigar Club within the Big Smoke Kyiv Cigar Club,
One Picture Show 2011 in the house of the Kyiv Cigar Club (Franko, 7),
Stolypin Club (Kyiv, April 2012, branch of the Russian Museum - Chocolate House),
Exhibitions of works in the Chocolate House (branch of the Russian Museum in Kyiv), Hyatt Regency Kyiv.